ottobre 30, 2008

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nives books - swiss

Nieves book e' una piccola, ma prolifica casa editrice con base a Zurigo.
Conosciuta in tutto il mondo per l-avanguardia dei collaboratori, dei titoli, per la qualita' d'immagine e di stampa.
Un formato finto/fanzine che sviluppa in poche pagine un grosso ed esplosivo contenuto, spaziando dalla moda, all-arte & progetto editoriale

alcuni titoli disponibili:

Whyart – A La Mode
Aude Lehmann / Tan Wälchli (Zurich, Switzerland)

Since 2004, designer Aude Lehmann (1976) and literary scholar Tan Waelchli (1974), both based in Zurich, have developped the book series Whyart – Aura, Glamour, A la mode, examining the current landscape of design, art and popular culture.

Cosmic Wonder Free Press 2
by Cosmic Wonder (Japan)

This is an open-end art book project that, like a diary, expresses the present state of COSMIC WONDER in printed form. A fold-out poster accompanies each book.


Comprised of letters from friends ''about light'' – Visual collaborations with Elein Fleiss (editor-in-chief of The Purple Journal), Mike Mills (graphic designer/artist/film director) and YOSHIMIO (OOIOO/Boredoms).

Mister Lonely
Harmony Korine (Nashville, USA)

America’s prodigy film director, producer, screenwriter and author, Harmony Korine (Bolinas, 1973), presents his third feature film, Mister Lonely (2007), 10 years after the debut of the widely acclaimed Gummo (1997), and the following release of Julien Donkey-Boy (1999).

After premiering at the Festival de Cannes in 2007, and being included in the official selection at the 32nd Toronto International Film Festival (2007), the recent 2008 South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival and the forthcoming 2008 Tribeca Film Festival, Nieves is releasing the original filmscript for Mister Lonely, with 22 Photographs by Rachel Korine and Brent
Stewart, in occasion of the film’s public release in UK theatres.

Melanie Sheepwash

Mark DeLong / Jason McLean (Vancouver, Canada)

Jason McLean (1971, London, Ontario) and Mark DeLong (1978, New Brunswick) are two of the youngest and most interesting artists living and working in Vancouver at present. For the first time Nieves brings together their unique styles of drawings and collage in Melanie Sheepwash, a booklet inspired by modern dads “getting busy in their own time”, and produced for the occasion of the homonymous exhibition at the Charles H Scott Gallery in Vancouver.

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