ottobre 31, 2008

Coffee'n'Tv playlist

Questa musica ci piace un sacco, non so voi...
Coffee'n'Television playlist:

No Kids - For Halloween
Parken - Jag Har varif coming vilsen
The Banshee - Kicks up
Stereo Total - Nouvelle Vague
Armand Rebotini - The Spirit of Boogie
Thives Like Us - Drugs in my body
The Tunas - Indie Kids
Aphex Twin - Icct Hedral (Philip Glass Orchestration)
Mr. Magic - Potential 1980
Wiley - Wearing my Rolex
Senor Cocunot Around the World (intro)
The Sonics - Psycho
Jhonny Cash - Cocaine Blues
Kurtis Blow - The Breaks

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