marzo 31, 2011

Fred Perry Boys

A fine Aprile arriverà da Coffee n Television una piccola "capsule collection"
di Fred Perry Laurel Wreath: una serie limitata di polo, denominata "Black canvas ", che tiene fede ai cotoni e alle vestibilità uscite sul mercato inglese dagli anni 50 ad oggi e una seria limitata con la collaborazione d'artisti e creativi....
Degna di nota polo M12 Wigan Casinò dedicata al famoso locale "soul" di Lancashire.

1957 - M12 Shirt
West Ham fans fist asked the famous retailer Lilywhites of London, if their club colours could be added to the classic fred perry shirt. Lillywhites enquired with Fred Perry and the tipping was duly added. It was the birth of the original fred perry tipped shirt.

1976 - Punk Shirt
Punk and New wave exploded out of The 100 club, Oxford street, London. The Fred perry shirt was adopted by followers of the movement and soon became a staple part of the punk/new wave look.

1979 - The Perry Boys
The perry boys were a unique underground fashion subculture. Emanating from inner city manchester and salford to become trendsetters on the terraces and night clubs of the city. Rebelling against everything around them, wedge hair cuts, fred perry's and northern confidence became the new order of the day. Spawning the casual and rave scene that followed.

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