aprile 19, 2008

Susan Bijl

Susan Bijl || Holland

sedano, asparagi, cocomero, meloni, arance, quotidiani, giornali, cd, dvd, vhs, scarpe, sciarpe,
robaccia, robine, carta, fogli, biro, spesa, casette, cassette, pagelle, portatile, videogame,
quadri, riviste tutto in una Susan Bijl tanto è indistruttibile

celery, asparagus, watermelon, melons, oranges, daily, newspapers, cd, dvd, vhs, shoes, scarfs, garbage, little things, paper, sheets, pens, reimburses, cottages, cassettes, report cards, portable, videogame, pictures, seen everything in a Susan Bijl so much again it is indestructible.


via s.Bernardino
Bergamo - Italy


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  1. Your blog is a great source for inspiration - I also think we have a lot of things in common! Greetings from norway underneath!